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Who gets the most All Paid Vacations with minimal or no effort?

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As I was making my way on my first #MileageRun for the year on @AmericanAir, this exercise gave me plenty of time to ponder on ideas to write about. The first fun question that hit me was who receives the most All paid vacations with minimal/no effort?

I’m sure there are plenty of Miles & Points Gurus out there who enjoy the same but not with no effort though. The answer finally struck me as I was watching Martian movie on my flight, its all the kids from the time they are born until they start on their first job(hopefully ). They don’t have to sweat it out to earn or plan for the vacation.  They just have to be there & have fun.  What a #wonderful world!!!.

So Toddlers thru teens hear me out now, if you want to get a head start on the Points & Miles fun, have your parents sign up for Airline Rewards program & start earning miles. Don’t miss out on this #opportunity. Have a blast growing up with miles earning for #free. Keep nudging your parents to take a minimum of one vacation every year to maintain their sanity & also to aide your #miles accrual for free.

Here is the list of Airlines that allow kids to have their own Rewards#.

Jet blue – Miles don’t expiry. Parents need to be members & can create child account from within theirs.

Delta – Miles don’t expiry. Parents need to fill in additional form to have the child account created.

United – 18* months expiry. Can be created online.

American – 18* months expiry. Can be created online.

Alaska – 24* months expiry. Need to call 800-252-7522 to create a child account.

Southwest – 24* months expiry. Parents need to turn in Registration & Parent consent form to have the child account created.

I haven’t checked on International Carriers in detail. British Airways needs the member to be 18 yrs of age.

* Expiry listed can be avoided by either earning or using miles.

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