Domestic First/Business Class worth it if you are paying for the Ticket? #travel #airfare

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If you have always contemplated whether its worth paying premium price for domestic first/business class flight, then hopefully this read will add a data point for you to make the sensible decision from your perspective.

We will be focusing only on the paid ticket and not the award ticket/upgrade scenario. There are plenty of articles on award tickets from other travel gurus like @thepointsguy & @frugaltravelguy.

What are the perks for Domestic First/Business Class ticket?

  • Separate line for check in (if in case you need to use it)
  • Separate line for security at the airport (Not a big deal if you have TSA Precheck or Global Entry)
  • Priority Boarding (Same benefit could be availed if you have Elite Status with the Airline)
  • No trouble finding overhead bin space for your carry-on luggage.
  • Checked Luggage possibly will have increased weight limit & maybe additional bags allowed above the standard free checked bag allowance. (Verify each airlines baggage policies for more details) (Elite Status with the Airline would help in this category as well)
  • Pre-flight Drink
  • Drink/Meal/Snacks included during flight
  • Passenger to Flight Attendant ratio is pretty small so you would be well taken care.
  • Spacious seat with lot of leg room
  • Speeds up earning Elite status miles & also added bonus to redeemable miles as well.

If I have missed out on any known perks please add it to the comments section & I shall update the write up.

My mantra to decide if it makes sense to splurge for the First/Domestic Class ticket? Needs to meet at-least 2 out of 3 conditions that I have listed below

  • Travelling for more than 2hrs?
  • Exit row seats doesn't seem like a value for money.
  • Signed up for status challenge & don't have bandwidth to be running multiple mileage runs to meet the challenge requirements.
  • Price delta between economy & First/Domestic is only 30% or less (basically it shouldn't feel like you are not spending a lot for the airfare¬†. Seem to find such fares to Caribbean destinations)

class price delta

If you want to experience the premium cabin once pick a day flight for the experiment than a red eye flight. (Travelling on a standard recliner first class for more than 4hrs on a red eye isn’t fun. Layflat seats are a fortune as it stands now & are not available from all the airports)

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