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How I scored 37K AA RDM in one single Mileage Run?


Here is how I scored 37K redeemable miles in one single Mileage run.

Trip itinerary: SAN-DFW-HKG

Flight Cost: $546

Booking Time Frame: Feb 2016

Elite Status when I booked: None (Was about to finish up Platinum Status Challenge later in Feb)

Elite Status during the Trip: Platinum

Card Used for Booking: Citi Prestige. (Received $250 Credit for this purchase)

Any AA gift cards used: Yes 3. Two $50 & One $100 purchased using Amex Platinum (Received $200 credit on Amex)

Net Cost for the Ticket: $96.

Travel Dates: Apr 21st – Apr 23rd. (Had Planned a week long family trip but had to limit it to mileagerun since DW had some other prior commitments)

Any Hotel Stay: 1 night

Hotel Chain Used: Marriott

Hotel: Skycity Marriott Marriott | | Priceline

Room Cost: $250

Room: Executive Ocean View Room (Another post reviewing this Room & Hotel to follow)

Transportation Cost in HongKong: Airport Express Same Day Return Pass: $13

Inflight Wifi Cost: $38 (DFW-HKG & HKG-DFW)

Food Expense: None. Had food in the Lounges in the Airport or flight or Hotel Executive Lounge

Total Cost of the Trip: $397

Total Air Base miles for the Trip: 18564 (This is what was reported in AA website)

EQM’s earned: 18564(2.2CPM)

RDM’s earned: 37128 (1.1CPM)

I see fares in the range of $719-$788 later part of this year from SAN/LAX/SFO/JFK but we won’t be able to reap same amount of RDM’s because AA’s revenue based system will kick in mid this year. This might have been a lost opportunity if you didn’t make use of these fares. There are still few options in the high 700’s out there in May but it cannot be a 1 night trip

Three more mileage runs & AA EXP would be waiting for me. First Class Airfares to Puerto Rico (SJU) are helping me out to get this done. 


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