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Citi Prestige Vs Amex Platinum – Which card provides the quickest Airfare Credit or Global Entry Fee Credit?

There are plenty of write ups on the pros & cons of two cards that I have in lineup here. Citi Prestige & Amex Platinum.  Intent here is to compare the time period taken by each provider to provide airfare credit & Global Entry Fee Credit. This is based on my experience & not from any statistical data analysis on publicly available data. Purely just a data point.

Citi Prestige: 

09/10/2015 – Baggage Fee on Hawaiian Air. Credit Reflected on 10/09/2015

11/30/2015 – American Airlines Airfare. Credit Reflected on 12/9/2015

2/21/2016 – American Airlines Airfare. Credit Reflected on 03/09/2016

4/28/2016 – Global Entry Fee. Credit Expected to Reflect on 05/10/2016

Trend with Citi Prestige – Credit reflects on Statement Closing Date.

American Express Platinum:

09/03/2015 – Alaska Air Gift Card. Credit Reflected on 10/9/2015

09/04/2015 – In-flight Purchase. Credit Reflected on 10/9/2015

09/16/2015 – Baggage Fee on Alaskan Air. Credit Reflected on 10/9/2015

09/16/2015 – In-flight Purchase. Credit Reflected on 10/09/2015

10/14/2015 – Alaska Air Gift Card. Credit Reflected on 10/16/2015

12/3/2015 – Alaska Air Gift Card. Credit Reflected on 12/13/2015

1/6/2016 – American Airlines Gift Card. Credit Reflected on 1/9/2016

04/19/2016 – Global Entry Fee. Credit Reflected on 04/21/2016

04/28/2016 – Global Entry Fee (Addon card). Credit Reflected on 04/30/2016

Final Word:

Citi Prestige: Consistent Credit Timing. Always on Statement closing date.

Amex Platinum: Took two billing cycle in 2015 initially. 2016 has been Super fast. Hope this trend continues.

There are no surprises with both these cards. They always deliver. Amex Platinum edges out with 2/3 day credit timing in 2016 so far.

Direct Application Links (These are not affiliate/advertiser links):

Citi Prestige with 50K Bonus offer

Amex Platinum with 40K Bonus offer

Good Reads on the Two cards: 

One Mile at a Time

Frugal Travel Guy

The Points Guy

View From the Wing

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