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Here is my progress on the Citigold 50K AAdvantage bonus offer that I signed up in late Jan 2016.

Applied Online – Jan 25th (You can read up here if you want to know how I applied for it)

Account funded using – Citi Prestige

Deposit amount reflected – Jan 28th

Citi Prestige Statement – Feb 9th – confirmed Deposit amount reflected as Thankyou points

Message sent to confirm promotional offer on Account – Feb 4th

1st Bill pay reflected – Feb 5th

Promotion Confirmation message receipt – Feb 8th – Confirmed 50K AA miles offer, 1 bill pay completion. Upon completion, 50K AA miles will be received by 6/31/2016.

Debit card min spend – Feb 10th

Got to finish one more Bill pay in March & I should be all set.

Will post an update in March.

Hope there are more of you winning with this offer.

Updates 09/19/2016:

04/05/2016: Sent an message through Citi website enquiry if I had met the requirements for the promotion.

04/08/2016: Got a response back confirming that I met the requirements for the 50K AA bonus promotion. Possibly posting in July 2016.

05/13/2016: Saw a $300 credit in my account for a different promotion number than the one I signed up. Emailed Citi. A case was open to check on this by Citi on 05/14/2016.

05/21/2016: Received the response on the case through E-communication & not through the regular message center. This caused the delay when I took my next step.

“Our records indicate that your account was credited $300.00 on May 11, 2016, for meeting the required terms and conditions of Promotion 4368VWMRZ7.”

07/08/2016: Sent in another enquiry about crediting me with a wrong promotion. Another case opened on 07/08/2016.

08/01/2016: Citi acknowledges that I have completed the needed requirements for the 50K AA bonus promotion. Will retract the $300 credit & deposit the AA miles. Response through E-communication

“Your account does qualify for Promotion WD3QFS2Y4C, which offered 50,000 AA Miles. Citibank is eager to have these miles applied to your American Airlines AAdvantage account, however; will need your American Airlines AAdvantage account number to process your request. Please contact Citibank Online Services at 1-800-374-9700 at your earliest convenience to provide the AAdvantage account number”

08/31/2016: $300 credit retracted from my account.  AA miles posted on my account.


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